What is Healing Light?

Healing Light is love.  It is divine.  It is an extension of our Creator and is here to help us on our healing journeys.  We work only with our Highest Self.  You may call this God, or Source, or the Universe.  It is the essence of who we are.

When we call in the Healing Light to help us in our healing, we know that we are asking only for the vibration of unconditional love.  It is here to assist all of us for the highest and best of all.

This light shines on the darkness we are carrying within.  It gently guides us to raise our awareness to unresolved traumas and stuck emotions that keep us going in circles.

This light sometimes brings messages to us from your highest self to deliver.  It may also move us to work with sound, crystals, or the elements.

Every session is unique, but they all start with the purpose of offering what is highest and best for you.

If you have a question you are seeking an answer for, or confusion that you desire to clear up, Healing Light can help.

It helps with physical, mental, and emotional pains by offering immediate relief and it helps to raise awareness to the root cause of this dis-ease so you may correct it and restore your health to full.

Healing Light is Available to All

Loriel and Arcturus have explored many healing modalities and techniques.  Each of them led back to the same awareness…that we all have what we need inside of us already.

There are no attunements, degrees, or certifications required to use the Healing Light.  It does take time and practice, as with all things, to master working with it.

If you are called to find out more, book a FREE clarity call with us.

Loriel & Arcturus are available for 2-on-1 healing sessions via Zoom.  Enjoy the calming energy being sent in the comfort of your own space.  These sessions are $222 and you can book by clicking here.  We are compassionate to everyone on a healing journey, so don’t think that you aren’t deserving of healing if you can’t afford the price.  Email or call and we can come to an agreement that works for everyone.

Divine Relationships Healing Intensive

Join Loriel & Arcturus for a  month intensive journey to heal the most important relationship you have:  the one with self.  This intensive program is 6 months long and helps you to manifest the divine relationships you know you deserve.

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