You Can Heal All Dis-ease

Heal With Us

We offer individual sessions with either or both of us as well as healing sessions for couples.  We also lead weekly Healing Accountability Group calls.  All off these are done on Zoom.  Click the button below to get the details on these offers.

Our Community is getting Life-changing results!

Our Mision

It is our mission to build a commUNITY of people that desire to have amazing, balanced, and healthy relationships.  We know this starts with the relationship you have with you and projects outward from there.

We are currently gathering in the Facebook group Determined to Heal.  If this vision aligns with yours we would love to see you there.

Our Vision

We see a world full of people leading with their hearts, making meaningful connections with each other, and creating purposeful structures and systems that benefit all.

Grid Work and Land Healing

Did you know that Loriel and Arcturus also work with the energetic grids of our Divine Mother Earth and do land healing when we are called to?  We have recently done healing on the Trail of Tears, Joplin, Missouri for the 2011 tornado, and Florida after Hurricane Ian.  When the locations are too distant we offer the healing remotely and have been sending energy healing for Maui and Canada and other areas impacted by fires and natural and man-made disasters.

If you feel called to help with our cause we are most grateful for anything you are able to donate.  You may do so at the button below.

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