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The healing journey can be challenging, lonely, and confusing.  You have probably tried many different ways to heal your body and mind only to find yourself at square one again and again.

We get the struggle.  We’ve been there, carrying traumas from childhood that were never addressed through any of the methods we explored.  From therapy to self-help books to alternative treatments, they all left the root causes untouched.  While many of the modalities offer temporary relief from our struggles, none of them offered a full remedy.

Even though we were both told that the conditions we had were permanent and something we would have to manage for the rest of our lives, we both held onto hope that we would eventually heal completely.  Our persistence and dedication to healing ultimately led us to heal the pains and struggles we had dealt with our entire lives…and so much more.

The healing journey has helped us to remember who we are and the amazing power of unconditional love that we all have within.

It is our intention, through our offerings, to help you heal from all that brings you dis-ease and step into your true, authentic self and fulfill your soul’s mission.

With love,

Loriel & Arcturus

Individual Healing Offerings

Are you determined to heal?  We choose to work with people who are dedicated to their healing journey and willing to make the changes necessary. 

We get that the drive to succeed with your healing doesn’t always match the funds needed, which is why we offer a sliding scale for those that may be struggling financially.  If you have the determination, we can definitely come to an agreement that works for everyone.

Whether your goal is to heal a current chronic condition you are struggling with or to unlock your spiritual gifts, we are here for you.  Our sessions are described as calming and insightful.  Each session is unique and flows based on where you are and what is best for you in the moment.  We send energy healing to help get stuck and blocked energies flowing.  We may deliver messages from your soul or our divine father and mother that you are ready to receive.  Some sessions may work on chakra balancing, while others may go into inner child or past life healing.  The main focus is to help you raise your awareness to root causes to let go of and getting clearer on your highest purpose.  Single sessions start at $222 and discounted packages are available.

We are selective with who we work with as we desire to make sure we are a great fit for each other.  If you are interested in working with us, schedule a free Illumination Call by clicking the button below.

Community Building Opportunities

Co-Creation & Healing

Join us weekly as we send healing energy to each other and the collective for the highest and best of all. Stay for community and connect with others on the healing journey. You can ask for healing and practice your healing gifts.

Soul Alignment

Going within to identify and let go of root causes is much easier when we do it together. Everyone's journey is unique, though, so there are Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual packages are available. Read more...

Healing Community

Join Loriel, Arcturus, and other alternative healers in this private community. Ask questions, make new friends, discover the best way for you to heal. Includes tickets to all online health fairs.

Courses and Events

We have found that there isn't a lot out there helping people do the inner work. How do we do shadow work, inner child healing, subconscious reprogramming, etc? Take a look at our upcoming courses and events to get the answers to these questions and a lot more!

Saturday, April 20 - 11am CDT
Sunday, April 21 - 8pm CDT
Saturday, April 27 - 8-8 CDT
Sunday, April 28 - 11am CDT


Shadow Work Made Easy launching soon - Effective shadow work is the result of having a solid foundation. Knowing who you are and having a system to do the inner work for any issue brings ease and joy to healing traumas and unresolved issues. This course lays the foundation for you to build on. Raise your awareness, let go of the fears, and take the steps towards living your soul's mission.

Shadow Work Made Easy Course

Additional Courses

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