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Loriel’s commitment to self-care and healing has helped her heal a spinal injury that was so severe doctors told her she would be taking shots in her spine the rest of her life.  She has also let go of physical and emotional trauma from her childhood, improved her vision, let go of anger and control issues, along with removing lumps from her breasts, let go of anxiety, multiple allergies, and attachments 

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Loriel & Arcturus

While we do offer healing sessions separately, when we team up we bring a completely unique and powerful experience to your energy healing session.

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Arcturus’ healing journey has seen him overcome a decades long bout with depression and anxiety.  He has also healed sleep apnea, high blood pressure, lost over 100 pounds in excess weight, and vanquished multiple addictions including alcohol, nicotine, and fast food.

One-On-One Healing Services

Connect with either of us over zoom for an energy healing session, reading, or meditation.  All paid services include a recording of our call together.

Energy Healing with Loriel

Enjoy a healing session in the comfort of your own home as you dive deep with Loriel over Zoom.

Healing Sessions with Both of Us

Connect with both of us over zoom for an energy healing session, reading, or meditation.  All paid services include a recording of our call together.

Group Healing Memberships

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Weekly Accountability Group

For People On a Healing Journey with a deep Desire and Determination to Be the Highest and Best Version of Their Self. 

These weekly calls are hosted by Loriel or Arcturus and are designed to help you discover which habits, choices, or patterns are most pressing to change and hold the space to allow the changes to happen.

$55 per month
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Biweekly Energy Healing

Receive energy healing in the comfort of your own space twice a month at an affordable price.

These calls include setting the intention for the highest and best healing for all, meditation to get into a relaxed state, healing techniques and tools that are gifted to all of us from our divine creator, and occasional opportunities for healing for a specific issue you may be struggling with.

$55 per month

Special $97 When You Get Both Memberships!

Ask for details.


We have found that there isn't a lot out there helping people do the inner work. How do we do shadow work, inner child healing, subconscious reprogramming, etc? Take a look at our courses to get the answers to these questions and a lot more!

Free Resources

Treasure trove of healing resources offered with love.

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