Manifesting Divine Relationships Healing Intensive

For Self

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For Couples

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The reasons why relationships struggle:

1) RESPONSIBILITY: Ownership of your responsibilities has not been taken; You are not clear on what you are giving and allowing in the relationship

2) BOUNDARIES: You aren’t clear on where your boundaries are or where theirs begin

3) VULNERABILITY: You don’t create a safe space in which to share authentically without judgment so amends can be made

4) TRUST: There is a lack of listening, equitable exchange, and accountability


Program promise: 


We help you heal and attract the divine relationships you deserve


The most important aspect in any relationship with others is the one you have with you.  

Using energy healing to help you heal wounds, identify and replace false beliefs, and reconnect with your divine essence.  

Receive guidance to ask the questions that are going to help you on your journey and get the answers by listening to higher self.

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