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Thank you for supporting our cause!

Your generous donation is crucial in enabling us to continue our grid work and land healing that we have been self-funding.  

Grid work refers to the process of identifying and energetically working with energetic grids that crisscross the Earth’s surface. These grids are like vast energetic highways that allow universal energy to flow and connect different sacred sites, power spots, and geographical features. While their existence is not visible to the naked eye, many ancient civilizations, such as the Native Americans and indigenous Australians, were highly attuned to these energetic paths.

Land healing, on the other hand, focuses on bringing balance and restoration to specific areas that have been adversely impacted by human activities or natural disasters. This practice recognizes that the Earth has its own intelligence and consciousness and seeks to benevolently collaborate with it. It involves actively listening to the land, accessing its wisdom, and responding in alignment with its needs.  This included work on southern Florida during and after hurricane Ian, and work we did on Joplin, Missouri for the devastation from the 2011 tornado, as well as many other ancient sites we visited.

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