Frequently Asked Questions

Healing Light is love.  It is divine.  It is an extension of our Creator and is here to help us on our healing journeys.  We work only with our Highest Self.  You may call this God, or Source, or the Universe.  It is the essence of who we are.

When we call in the Healing Light to help us in our healing, we know that we are asking only for the vibration of unconditional love.  It is here to assist all of us for the highest and best of all.

This light shines on the darkness we are carrying within.  It gently guides us to raise our awareness to unresolved traumas and stuck emotions that keep us going in circles.

This light sometimes brings messages to us from your highest self to deliver.  It may also move us to work with sound, crystals, or the elements.

Every session is unique, but they all start with the purpose of offering what is highest and best for you.

If you have a question you are seeking an answer for, or confusion that you desire to clear up, Healing Light can help.

It helps with physical, mental, and emotional pains by offering immediate relief and it helps to raise awareness to the root cause of this dis-ease so you may correct it and restore your health to full.

Healing Light is available to ALL!

Loriel and Arcturus have explored many healing modalities and techniques.  Each of them led back to the same awareness…that we all have what we need inside of us already.

There are no attunements, degrees, or certifications required to use the Healing Light.  It does take time and practice, as with all things, to master working with it.

If you are called to find out more, book a FREE discovery session with us.

The simple answer is yes, healing light can heal everything.  It only works, though, when you are aligned with the healing.  This means any limiting beliefs you are holding onto that say you can’t heal is going to block your healing.  Healing Light does help to bring these to your awareness so you can change these beliefs.

Healing Light is not New Age.  Some of the terminology we use may sound like it because there is some truth in the New Age movement.  There is also truth in other healing modalities and religions that we also talk about because it is true.  There is also a lot of misleading and divisive information out there and we do our very best to stick with what we know to be true, as well as speaking without any jargon.  We feel that clear, concise communication is what you deserve and is the best way to help you with your healing journey.

Healing is a journey.  We are all on our way to wholeness, balance, peace, and oneness.  It is not a matter of IF we are going to get there, but WHEN.  That when is completely up to you.  You may be ready to let go of your major blocks in an instant.  You may also keep it hidden in your subconscious until you get the lesson that it is offering.
We are here to help you get the answers you seek that are going to help you most right now based on where you are and where you desire to go.  Our desire is to show you what to do to heal completely on your own.  There are a lot of tools, tips, mistakes, and insights that we’ve become aware of on our own healing journeys and desire to help you raise your awareness to what works and what to look out for.  

Yes!  Our main goal is to guide you to use this for your own healing.  It is available to all as it is a gift from our Creator.

That is up to you to discern.  We aren’t aware of anything we do to go against any religion.  Our main focus is to stick with only what we know to be universally true.

You can expect us to come prepared to our session.  We set the intention to hold the space prior to the session and we do not do back to back sessions.  Healing is our lifestyle and we work on our own care and love each and every day in order for us to serve you best.  You can expect to feel safe and relaxed for our session as we help you heal any energy blocks and identify the source of false beliefs and emotional triggers in order to align with your soul’s purpose.

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